When I did my first post about creativeity what I said does not change. What I wrote I still think is how I express my creativeity. My favorite post I did this school year is well I have two. They are the tradition post that I did on Shabbat. I liked that posting, because I got to tell you a special part of my life and religon that not most people don’t know about. That is important to me, and was glad I got to tell you about it!! Another posting I really enjoyed to tell you about was myArt posting. I liked that posting, because I got to tell you something that I love to do. Enjoy to do, and that to me is something that I thought you should know about me!! These are the posting’s that I enjoyed bloging about, and liked the most. Bye 🙂 !!


Hi!! This is happyface2 :)!! I just wanted to tell you what I like to do in my spare times. Also, what my exploreitory is for school. Art, art is one thing that I do in my spare times and for exploeritory. I do art and love art it’s so fun. You can’t mess up even if you think you do you don’t. It’s just impossible too. Art for me I get to express the way I feel by colors, patterns,and by projects. It shows you who you are like you could do a blue painting. Or have soccer balls which coul mean that you love to be energetic or you also love to play soccer. In art you are free to do whatever you like to do and that’s another reason why I love to do art!! You can also hang your artwork any where you want to like I do. Also, my art teacher she is the awsomest teacher for art. She is just so cool and always does the perfect job if you need help with something. She always makes it even more perfect than it is. This is why I love art and wanted to share it with you!! By!!

Furlo Break

During Furlo vacation I went to Yosemite. It was so much fun, because it was never suposed to snow. So my family and I would stand out in the snow it was really cool!! We stayed their for about four days. We went on a lot of hikes and saw Half Dome. One of my favorite hikes is when we went to this really old water fall where you could stand on the top of it. You had to be very careful, because the path was very narrow. You could fall of the path if you aren’t careful. Another hike we went on it felt like we were going for hours so we finially saw people all crouded around this one area. So we were like we think this is it so when we got there we saw people taking  pictures of a squarel. It was so funn,but then it was all up hill so we had to start moving on. We also saw a lot of dear, no bears, a chipmunck, squarels, and a black cat. So after we went on our hike we went to lunch and all these squarels would come and sit write next to you on the bench it was so cute but kind of scary. The squarels were so funny they would rub up against trees,and when they would eat it was so funny. This one squarel was so cute and funny it went to get a leaf from the tree but it was to heavy, and fell down with the branch. That is what I did over my Furlo vacation,and I had a lot of fun!! 🙂

I, Coriander

I, Coriander is by Sally Gardner. In I, Coriander  Coriander’s mom dies.  Then, everything in her world was all ruiend. She finds out that her mom was a fairy. Also, that her mom had a fairy shadow that led her to her mom’s world. Where she was told to find her mom’s shadow before this evil Queen Rosimore did. Later in her life Coriander found out that eveything that happened was, because of Queen Rosimore.

One characteristic I have in common with Coriander is that we both would like to live in a dream world. Where things that you ever wanted would happen their. One thing that we don’t have in common is that iI don’t have red curly hair. Or have pretty blue eyes.I wish I did have curly hair though.

I liked Coriander at the begining of the book. And, at the end of the book. I like her, because she’s always the same person. When she needs to be brave or be happy. She can do that, because she believes in her self. I think thats cool. It’s a really good book and i think every body should read it. I read it twice and I don’t really like to read so you should read it. Its ten points if you do.

Spring Break

Over Spring break I went to Arizona.  We drove for 8 hours and I couldn’t sit no longer.  I went to Arizona, because my dad needed help in his showroom.  He was adding a new line called Ralph Lauren.  He owns Kravit.  So I helped them for one hour, and then we went out to eat.  We ate at a Mexican resturant.  The food was really good!  Then we went to our hotel, and after we unpacked we went outside.  While my dad and I were walking around we saw these huge campfires.  We went over and roasted marshmallows.  Which were really good too!  When we looked up at the sky there were all the stars shinning really bright in the sky.  It was so beautiful and pretty.  We also would swim in the pool some nights too.  Also, they had huge rock crystals which was really cool!  So thats what I did over Spring break and I had a awsome time! 🙂

Novel Paragraph

Let me tell you about the first chapter. One mornig when Lilly woke up she ran to her calender. It was the day when her new neighbors move in. She ran down stairs, and ate as fast as she could. Then, Lilly sat on her bright red soft couch right next to the window. She waited till lunch, and got tired of waiting. Then, her mom woke up, and said Lilly did you have a good night sleep. Lilly didn’t answer she was mad that the neighbors didn’t come yet. Lilly said mom whats for lunch? Well I have a lunchable in the garage fridge. Lilly ran to the fridge grabbed the lunchable, and then heard a car noise. Lilly ran back in side to the window to see the neighbors car pull in with two moving trucks. Then, Lilly noticed a girl that looked like her age in the car.

Persasive Writting Booktalk

Hi my name is happyface2 this is new to me , because I have never written a book that just got published. This is so new to me. Well my book is about a girl has no friends and then a new neighbor moved in. When she saw their car pull in she noticed a girl that looked like her age, but she had a problem she doesn’t know how she is going to become this girls friend. Shes never made friends before, and she’s never had a sleepover or a playdate. So if you want to find out what happens you are just going to have to read my book. Its a very good book, and I promise you once you start reading the book you will never want to put it down. Also, it has a whole series of books, and the one I’m talking about is the first book. Its called Lilly, and the second one is called Lora. If you want to find out what the other ones are called you are going to have to check them out yourself.

Whatever Happened to Jaine

Jodie in Whatever Happened to Jaine.  Jodie also needs to make three resolutions for Jaine.  Her first resolution is to get along  with Jaine, because they fight a lot.  The second resolution is to get used to her crying at night, and calling her other parents. So she can try to get over with where she’s at.  The third resolution is for her to let Jaine talk about the Jhonson’s, because so she can let it out of her system.  Those are Jodies resolutions for Jaine.